Monday, February 11, 2013

Franken Tuesday! Anna's Mistah Bates

It is Tuesday again, and that means the debut of another franken!
If you watch Downton Abbey, you will know that Mr. Bates is finally back! This was my manicure over the weekend to show my love for him as well as test out my studs from the Born Pretty Store!
This polish was obviously inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Bates. I named it Anna's Mistah Bates because I love the way she calls him mistaaah, and draws it out all long. Adorable.
This is three coats of Anna's Mistah Bates on bare nails. On my ring finger is two coats of Pixel Polish black with Born Pretty Store studs on top!
Click past the jump for more pictures and how to make your own!

Anna's Mistah Bates started with clear suspension base and then lots of white and black hex glitter of the same small size. There is also black small bar glitter and a hint of gold hex glitter.
The huge amount of black glitter in the polish bled slightly (which was what I hoped for) and created this pretty grey jelly base! I love it.

Since Anna and Bates are always dressed in their black servants' wear, this was inspired by their monochrome look. It is fun and understated.
What do you think of this Tuesday's polish?

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  1. I absolutely need those studs to add to my next mani, love this look!


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