Thursday, August 20, 2015

Inglot Classic Lipstick Review: Shade 254

You may have seen on Insta that I teased some goodies from Inglot that Mama Panda picked up for me. One of them was this pretty Inglot Classic lipstick in the shade 254. There are so many shades of Inglot lipstick and she picked the perfect one for me!

Inglot Classic lipstick in shade 254 review and swatches

The tubes are basic black, square, with the Inglot logo, and contain .16 oz of product. and retail for $15.

Inglot describes their classic lipstick line as having Vitamin E and Apricot Kernal Oil to moisturize lips. This lipstick definitely has a sheen/cream finish to it, is non-sticky, and lasted four hours. It fades nicely but since this shade does have some glitter in it, tiny particles do linger for a while. It doesn't look garish--just a hint of sparkle.

Inglot Classic lipstick in shade 254 review and swatches

Inglot does not provide shade descriptions, but 254 is a shimmery bright rose pink. This appears even brighter on the lips, but still is sheer enough to let some of your natural lip color show through. My lips felt very comfortable during wear.

Inglot Classic lipstick in shade 254 review and swatches

Overall, I really love the Inglot formula. I didn't have much to go on, seeing as this is my first experience with the brand, but if I do get to visit a store, I will defintely be trying more. I want to swatch some more! My only complaint is the numbers instead of names. I get so much joy from a good lipstick name, am I alone here?

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Looks from the Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book

As promised, I've created some looks, two to be exact, using the Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book!
I reviewed the book HERE, and after playing with it for a few weeks, it is really fun and easy to create looks with! I managed to use all the shadows in blushes between both of the looks!
The first look used all of the warmer, red tones in the palette.
Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book Look
I used Serenity and Honor (a pink and an orange) blended together on my lid. Tranquil (a deep red) went into my crease and I used Typhoon (a light cream) on my inner corner and Porcelain (a white) on my brow bone. 
Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book Look
I finished the look with Dynasty Dahlia blush and Mushu's Flame red lipstick.
The second look incorporated the blues and purples of the palette and was really fun to create!
Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book Look
For this look I placed Jade (a bright turquoise) on my inner corner, Blossom (purple) in the middle of the lid, blended into Fortune (a lighter blue-green). I tried to not blend them so much because I was going for a kind of sea-inspired look and I really wanted to colors to pop. I blended Destiny (a dark smoky, sparkly black) along my lower lash-line and under my inner corner. It is a bit more editorial than I would wear for everyday but it is a fun look for going out.
I finished the look with the Palace Puce blush and again with Mushu's Flame red lipstick.
(The mascara for both looks is Miss Manga and the liner is NYX matte liquid liner.)
I hope you enjoyed these looks! Maybe they can help you decide if this palette is right or you or inspire you! 
If you love Mulan, help me name these looks in the comments!
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Art History & Nails: St. Mark's The Spot from the OPI Venice Collection

It is almost the weekend, are you ready?
This Thursday (night) brings the return of my Art History & Nails series! You may have seen the collection at your local Ulta, but in case you haven't, OPI has released a gorgeous new collection for Fall inspired by Venice

I have picked up a few shades and plan on getting a few more, but the one I want to show you today is one of the limited edition shades. I am not sure exactly what that means in OPI world...but I did notice my Ulta display only had 3 each of the limited shades and 8 each of the other shades. They aren't more expensive or anything but if you want this shade, I suggest you hurry!
*(Update as of editing this post right before posting my Ulta sold out of this shade. RUN)*

OPI Venice St. Mark's The Spot
This shade is very difficult to capture, so many of my pictures will have flash. This is OPI's St. Mark's The Spot ($9.50). It is a beautiful royal blue shimmer and it definitely needs two coats to get the perfect depth and richness. Dry time is average and I can get 6 days with minimum tip wear.
OPI Venice St. Mark's The Spot
Now, having been to the Piazza San Marco (just the fancy Italian way of saying St. Mark's Square), I can say that this blue not only reminds me of the brilliant sky above the square but also of the water that floods in when the tide is high, and the beautiful lapis found in the church and the Doge's palace, which border the square.
This picture is from my Venice trip. Isn't the sky pretty? I spent a lot of time in this piazza and have many fond memories and stories, including eating some of the best gelato of my life while looking at this view. 
OPI Venice St. Mark's The Spot
This is a picture of the polish without flash. The shimmer isn't as apparent but it is still gorgeous!

While not a complete Art History lesson with this particular post, Venice is a beautiful place full of art and culture and I am very glad to have had the opportunity to visit as well as glad that OPI has made a collection that is giving me such warm and fuzzy feelings while still being so on trend for Fall.

What do you think of this color? Will you be picking up any of the shades from this collection?

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