Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tagging fun!

I think tags are really fun in the beauty blog world. They are a chance for all of us to get to know each other better and introduce each other to new blogs! This is my first time being tagged, and I was tagged by the lovely Makeup Morsels. I adore her blog, read it everyday, and you have to check it out! Her Wednesday Wigeon posts are amazing as is her love for Ellis Faas products. is how this works:

1) Answer my 11 questions!

2) Write 11 of your own!

3) Tag away and the fun continues! Oh and make sure you state who tagged you!

Questions from MM:

1. Favorite ice cream/fro-yo toppings?

Oreo cookies, they are my total weakness on fro-yo. And Strawberries!

2. Do you wear perfume on a daily basis?

No, maybe every other day and more if I am going out. For casual...a B&BW spritzer works nice.

3. The best accessory is _______

A sense of humor!

4. The funniest thing that’s happened to you (or that you’ve seen/heard) recently.

I tripped getting off the shuttle bus going to work? Does that count? My life is boring when it comes to mishaps...I am so careful!

5. What do you look for in the blogs you enjoy reading?

I like a unique element and voice from the writer. The photography doesn't have to be great, but show me who you are! It is okay to be witty!

6. Your most-frequented websites:

Etsy. Or in other words--Regret-sy. HELP!

7. What’s one book you think everyone should read?

Alice in Wonderland.

8. A dream you’ve had recently, and what you think it says about your life (ohhh getting deep here):

I had a dream I turned into a Kangaroo! (not a panda :( boo) and I think it is telling me I am trying to keep things close (the pouch...)

9. Your typical weekend consists of:

Working all day Friday and then Friday night dinner with the family, work Saturday and then going out with friends, brunch Sunday and marathon blogging!

10. Dead silence or pandemonium?

PANDAmonium is more like it ;)

11. What’s your favorite place to visit (can be anything from a room in your house to a country)?

Cambria. A little town in Northern-ish California. Anyone ever been?

Now...My 11 Questions:

1. Is there a celebrity that often inspires your look?
2. Smoky all-around eyeliner or a precise wing-liner look?
3. Favorite tea or coffee drink?
4. The song that will not leave your head right now.
5. If you had $50 in your pocket and the day off from school/work, what would you do?
6. Favorite guilty pleasure TV show?
7. Favorite multi-tasking beauty product?
8. Someone is making a movie of your life...who do you want cast as the main star?
9. A hike through the mountains or a trek through the mall?
10. Worst fashion regret?
11. Star Wars or Star Trek?

So...I am going to tag--- Tracy at Beauty Reflections, Sara at the Beautiful World of Lennyn B, Shannon at RaspberryKiss, and Tina at My Highest Self

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for Tagging me lovely. I will try to get mine done this weekend:) xx


  2. Yayy, you did the tag! hahahaha I love your interpretation of the dream, I'm thinking you could do that for a living. And nice questions, how long did those take? I was hemming and hawing over mine FOREVER

    1. Haha I should right?? It took me longer to answer the questions than think of some, cuz I am always asking friends random questions like that!


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