Monday, February 18, 2013

NYX Lip Look: Nude Pink and Creme Brulee

This lip look stems from my search for a nude lipliner and gloss. As you will see, I was deceived by the products I picked up, but I ended up loving the look I was able to create!
I wanted to find a nude lip liner to go under my new MAC Archie girl lipglass, so I picked up NYX retractable lip liner in Nude Pink. Nude Pink...
This was my first time trying a NYX retractable liner. For under $5, these are a steal. They last really long and are waterproof, so you need actual makeup remover to get it off! The above shot of my lips is ONLY the liner. Very pretty, but not nude at all.
The retractable nature of the liner saves a sharpener, but it did break off after the first full swatch. It is both too soft and too hard...if that makes sense. It goes on the lips nicely but because it is so small, it is prone to snapping off.
Instead of being a nude pink, this is a pretty magenta with gold glitter. I love the color, but I am still on the hunt for a nude liner.
I then layered the liner with my new NYX Butter Gloss. These are new to their Spring line. The color I picked up was Creme Brulee which is a nude pink. It is $5 and is supposed to melt on lips. This is a good gloss but it doesn't melt into lips like a balm. This is sticky. Not MAC sticky but tacky. It lasted about 3 hours.
This is a very sheer gloss and it smells like cotton candy!
This is the final effect! NYX Nude Pink liner layered with NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee. A fun look that lasted a good 4 hours and the liner lingered after. I like how it gives a glossy ombre effect!
Have you tried either product? Do you like this look?

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  1. I need some NYX lip products. These look awesome, very pretty colors:)

    Sara x


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