Wednesday, February 20, 2013

L'OREAL Colour Riche Caress Aqua Lip Lacquer: Infinite Fuschia

I have heard so much hype about these, and I am sure you have too. Are they worth it?

L'ORÉAL Paris Colour Riche Caress Aqua Lip Lacquer has a crazy long name...but it lasts just as long. For $7.99 at most drugstores, you can pick up this lipgloss and stain hybrid that lasts 4 hours on me as a gloss and 8 as a stain. Work horse!

I love the brush. It makes it easy to follow the shape of your lips on the go.
This is for a girl who has a lot on her plate but wants to look really chic. I love how it smells like fresh roses and is in really chic casing that looks expensive on a budget!
Infinite Fuchsia really is well...Infinite Fuchsia! It is a pretty bright pink and the stain starts immediately (literally I rubbed this swatch off 30 seconds after the picture and a stain had formed)
It feels smooth and weightless on the lips and is easy to wear.

I am really impressed with the way this stays on the lips and looks really pretty! Great for a special event.

Price: 8/10

Performance: 10/10

Color/Wearability: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

Overall Quality: 9/10

Total: 47/50 = A = Really Happy Panda!!
Have you tried these? Favorite shade?


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  1. I need to try one of these and a fuchsia is just the one I would choose!


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