Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Starting Off With My Brows

I am just starting to attempt to groom my brows. They are fair, sparse and kind of odd shaped. I have been getting slightly bolder with my perfect Tweezerman tweezers, but here are the products I now reach for.
This is Essence Eyebrow Designer in 04 Blonde. For $1.99 it currently does the trick until I upgrade and it comes in a surprisingly wide range of lighter colors. I am not a dark brown or a true brunette, so this was a good match.
It is a true pencil, needs a bit of a warm up but the hardness creates nice lines that you then smooth out with the brush on the end of the pencil. Pretty decent.
This is Julep's Boho Glam lengthening mascara in Espresso Brown. I got this in a Julep box a while ago and was kind of afraid to use it. I am skeptical of mascaras put out by nail companies and I normally gravitate towards black. However, when used lightly this can be a good brow tamer! It is actually a pretty decent mascara too. So if you got it in a box and haven't used it, try it!
 The brush is pretty cool as well!
Overall, this has been my brow routine. If you have any suggestions of products, let me know!


  1. I didn't even know Julep made mascara! Pencils are good when I'm running short on time, but powder on the 'heads' just gives the best effect (I've found). Pencil is fine for the tails. I use MAC Brun and either an angled liner brush or a plain eyeshadow brush then blend it out with a spoolie. I think the biggest difference between drugstore and higher end brow products is that drugstore shades tend to be too warm to look natural, unless you're lucky enough to have warm toned brows. Do show us a picture of your brows soon, I want to see them w/ your new routine!

    1. Yeah I am experimenting with powders too. I do have pretty warm-toned brows so I am lucky. Brows will debut in next full face coming up!


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