Monday, March 25, 2013

Panda-Monium Monday Vol. 3

Hello Pandas! Happy Monday! I hope this will help start your week off right!
To do that, let us look at this adorable picture of a baby panda and a dragon plushie!

And in news for this past week...PrettyPanda celebrated some awesome birthdays. You may know about Gary Oldman, who turned a good-looking 55 on the 21st...
But did you also know that David Thewlis turned the big 5-0 the day before him? How awesome is that? They are my two faves, so you have to know this rather useless information or I cannot call myself a fan.
Now, in more urgent, makeup related news:
Apparently Wet n Wild just released colored mascaras! They come in Olive, Indigo, Violet, and PINK! Yes, I said, baby PINK!
Head over to Project Swatch to see them for yourself!
And, what I am possibly most excited about regarding Spring 2013 drugstore collections: L'ORÉAL's Versailles Romance Collection.
I really love anything that has to do with Paris, Versailles, or cheeky Marie Antoinette themed things. Doesn't that pale blue Balm look amazing??
And a few more things:
I have a sister blog... Hello Miss Molotov where I post OOTD's, Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, etc...
Some of my posts this week:
If you are in the mood for more Gary celebrating click here
and you may notice that I have dyed my hair RED! Wanna see more? Click here.
Last but not least!
Don't forget to enter my Nail Polish Giveaway! It is open internationally and 5 people will win a custom made polish that they get to design and I will create for them! This is really cool people! I urge you to enter enter ENTER HERE!!
Happy Monday!


  1. That panda is having none of that dragon's shit. Happy Monday. *Sigh*


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