Thursday, March 21, 2013

My New Hair! And a FOTD with NYX

Well guys, PrettyPanda went red!
It is my favorite color and my hair has been untouched all my life. I finally took the dive today and started with a red tint with brighter permanent red highlights. I am so happy!

As you can tell, not drastic red, but red. It is more noticeable in daylight as well. I also cut off 4 inches! I needed a change!

I really like it, and of course my eyebrows are dyed to match so ignore their largeness. That is mostly the tint still sticking to my skin. If you are a redhead, I need eyebrow pencil suggestions STAT!

Now, for this FOTD.
Lips: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in La~La~
So...about this gloss...
La~La~is a coral pink gloss (it appears more bubblegum here, but is a bit warmer) that retails for $5 and is in a long tube with a bow on the top of the wand. The applicator is a long sponge tip that is angled.
This gloss smells yummy! Like Starbursts candy and has a sheer, glossy finish. I wouldn't say Mega Shine, like the tube say, though. Decently glossy, but nothing special.
Overall a nice gloss. It feels like a second lip and wears comfortably for about 2 hours. A good everyday gloss, but there are plenty of other options out there.
Well, what do you guys think? Love or hate my new hair?


  1. You look gorgeous doll. The red is lovely:) xx

    1. Aww thanks love! That is so kind!

  2. I love the red! I wish I could go red, but I don't think it would suit my coloring at all :(

    1. You never know! I would maybe to a very subtle, dark red, or maybe red streaks, or red on the underside of your hair or whatever that is called? I never thought it would look good on me either but hey, do what you love!

  3. GORGEOUS. I miss being a redhead. Well, more of one. As far as eyebrow pencils go, MAC used to make a good one that they discontinued (this was back when they did their haircolors theme), and when I was a true redhead I would actually not use a pencil because my eyebrows were light and neutral enough to just look better without any kind of tinting. I'd try that just to see. Yours are darker than mine though, I think?

    1. Yeah they tinted my eyebrows twice to make them really dark. I was thinking MAC would be my best bet, but I still have to go over there. And thanks for the compliment, you are the best!


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