Monday, July 16, 2012

Victorian Disco: The Luke Collection

Hey Pandas!

Once again, VC does not endorse this name, I just grouped these next swatches as things that are in common with Luke Skywalker. To make it easy on all of you, and myself.

These five shadows are really fun. I am in love with Victorian Disco Cosmetics, and when their shop is back up, I will be ordering more samples and full sizes. Yay! Will you?

First up:

The un-labeled Death Star. It is a dark metallic, smokey gray. Lovely color.

I love how there is a hint of blue sparkle in this one, as well as white glitter. Stars!

That's no moon...

I could see this becoming an eye shadow staple for me. This is an easy crease color to glam up any look.

Check out the other four shadows after the jump!

Named after the infamous young jedi, Skywalker is a sparkly white with a slight color shift.

I think this would be a great color for the tear duct, to highlight, or to even slap on your cheeks.

Oh Luke, how young and naive you are about your sister... :)

I just love the shimmer on this. A cool color offering.

Next is:

Ewok Pajama Party is the cutest name ever right? A dark slate grey with shimmer.

The pigmentation on this is average, the sparkle has a hard time adhering but over-all, it is a lovely color.

My dog was named Ewok, so they will always have a special place in my heart! :)

When sheered out (you can see around the edges of the swatch) it does make for a nice hazy grey.

And now we have...

Again what a great name right? Yoda's Yoga Mat is not what you would expect, just wait...

What seems to be a mint in the package, is really a yellowish glitter. Hmm

Well, after all, our beloved Yoda did teach us that looks can be a bit deceiving.

This is a little weak on pigmentation as well, but it would be a really nice finishing touch to an existing shadow look to add more sparkle!

And last but not least:

The Force, Use It, is what YYM should have been.

This color is so epic! It looks like the glow coming off a lightsaber and is really dense and opaque.

See what I mean? A little white, a little purple, a little blue, a little green.

I love the slight color-shifting here, and it would make a great highlight or brow bone color. Or, if you are feeling bolder, use it all over!

All of these are Panda Approved, so shop away! I really think Victorian Disco cosmetics has some strong offerings.

What do you think of these shadows? Any favorites?

xo PrettyPanda


  1. Ok, I fully admit I like Ewok Pajama Party just for the name LOL, I mean who wouldn't want to be at that party? The Force, Use It is an incredibly pretty and complex color. EOTD soon, maybe? :P

    1. Haha I would love that party!! And I have three different looks planned with VC in the works! :)


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