Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Pick for Falsies

Summer time may not be associated with false eyelashes, but I think falsies can go anywhere nowadays. They can be simple or dramatic, and I love wearing them for a night out. Boys usually think they look like spiders, but I do not care. And you should not either!

I love NYX false lashes and Katy Perry's new line for Eyelure. Both come with glue. Both were $7.

My choice from NYX is for dramatic eyes. These are great for a date, a night out, a concert, a club, drinks, anything! They are glam and dark. This set is called 'Nirvana' and they are great quality. You can easily get 10 uses out of these with proper care.

These are my more natural choice for lashes. These are called 'Oh Honey!' and are thin, wispy, and flirty. You can wear these daily to give your lashes a boost, and they do not look overdone.

Some helpful falsie tips:

* Make sure to let your glue set at least 30 seconds before trying to apply.
* Trim to fit your eyes. If you take time to do this, application will be easier!
* Put falsies on after eye make up is done. There is nothing worse than trying to line your eyes over eye glue.
* Always use DUO glue, they make it in black and clear :)

Happy lashing!

xo PrettyPanda


  1. Love Eylure lashes, the Katy Perry ones you chose look great. And I'm with you on DUO glue, it's the best!

    1. Thanks! I know, it is the best right?? The ones that come in the lash boxes are not so great.


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