Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holy Grail Chapsticks!

I love finding Holy Grail products, products that are my go-to everyday. I can usually tell they are winners because I go through them like hot-cakes.

So today I would love to introduce you to my two HG chap sticks, the babies that save my lips and grace them on a daily basis.

The first is the cult fave LipSmackers in Dr. Pepper. It smells lovely, gives a subtle red tint to lips, and is moisturizing. Plus it has the cute factor. This guy has never let me down and I have been using this for years. Since high school.

I love the sheen, and the little bit of color. This retails for $3 at drugstores, I get mine at Target.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I was kinda obsessed with Maybelline Baby lips ($3) for a long time. I still am....but I have chosen a favorite. Peppermint.

The purple and green tube is my lifesaver. I use it all day, everyday. I also use it as a night-treatment, and when my lips are so chapped they hurt. The peppermint oil in it calms me down and feels soothing. I love this thing.

I love it so much, here is a picture of it at the end of its's rope. I bought a new one, but I am peeved because the recent Baby Lips have a sticker on the cap instead of the clear tube with letters. Fail.

But I still love them both. And there you go, my HG chap sticks!

What are your HG chap sticks? I would love to hear!

xo PrettyPanda


  1. I actually haven't used a chapstick in a long time...they don't quite work for me. I think my HG now has to be the Fresh balms, even though they are so pricey :/

    1. I love the fresh balms too, but I do agree with you about the price. A nice treat but not practical. What do you do to keep your lips in tip top shape?


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