Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fragrance Friday: Ambrosia

Happy Friday! And Happy Birthday to Harrison Ford!! WOOT

Today I bring you Sarawen's perfume in Ambrosia.

This sounded so good when I read the description, I just had to add it to my order!

These are what Sarawen perfumes look like if you get the full size. Pretty packaging right? Check it out here!

Sarawen describes 'Ambrosia' as: A scrumptious blend of tasty treats over a base of amber with a touch of patchouli. Delight!

I'm normally not a patchouli girl, but with the notes of chocolate, honey, and vanilla cream, how could I resist? I'm a foodie.

On my skin, 'Ambrosia' smells like HOLY CRAP HEAVEN IN A BOTTLE. For me at least.

The chocolate is so pronounced and I love it. It is deep, dark chocolate, not overly sweet. The vanilla is there, but is subtle, and the honey gives it a nice lift. The patchouili at the base is not too heavy, it lets the food notes come through.

This is a date perfume. Because even though most of us like to smell sexy, or like whatever fragrance WE love on a date -- guys like food. I once heard to put on pure vanilla extract as a fragrance. I did it before a date, and the guy went crazy like 'oh my what is that?'.

It is sad, but true.

Anyways, enough of the rambling. I really think this is a decadent fragrance.

xo PrettyPanda


  1. Thanks for the review, I have some Sarawen perfumes I bought a while back and kind of forgot about (I have so many perfumes that tends to happen...), but I hauled them out again recently and I love them and want more! This one was kind of hovering on and off my list because of the patchouli - not a fan of it, really - but your description makes it sound like it would be right up my alley. It's definitely on my list now. :-)

    1. You need to try it!! I am in love with this scent, and I am glad to help you make a decision on it! Thanks for reading!


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