Sunday, July 8, 2012

Victorian Disco: The Han Collection

Today I am bringing you five shadows from Victorian Disco Cosmetics. They are so so gorgeous!

Okay, so VC has nothing to do with my random naming. I just decided to clump these sample swatches together because they had one thing in common -- Han Solo.

Our favorite, scruffy-looking scoundrel. I will find any way to relate anything back to him. Obviously.

So let's get on with the swatching!

First up is a pretty red-orange called 'Do the Jabba, Jabba' inspired by our favorite Hutt.

I just love the shimmer on this, and the way it reflects in the light. It is buttery and opaque with little to no effort on my part. Excellent shadow.

I love how the color perfectly matches the big guys' face. Victorian Disco Cosmetics seriously rock.

I mean, how gorgeous is this? Samples are just a few bucks, so try as many as you want!

More more more Star Wars goodness after the jump!

The next shadow is:

The Millennium Falcon is the same dirty gunmetal color of the ship that could do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

I love how this is a great silver for a fun smokey eye. Lots of sparkle and crazy shine.

Yep, looks like a good hunk of junk to me :)

And next:

My favorite shade of all the samples, Leia's Bikini.

I hope you can see why! A little goes a long way, and wearing this, you will totally fulfill every nerdy boys fantasy.

A shadow totally fit for a Princess!

I can't get over the rich opacity of this. It feels so silky smooth and these last all day on me!

What's next you ask?

Wookie Noises, a dark shimmery brown that looks just like Chewie's fur.

I was a little bit disappointed with the coverage on this one. It was a little patchy but it is still pretty. I love the red and gold glitter.

Laugh it up, furball.

Pretty, not my favorite, but a solid color from the line.

And last but not least...

Lightspeed! This looks just like a glittery galaxy, and it is lip-safe, how cool would this be on lips?

The depth of this shade was hard to capture, but it is a stunner. Dark black base with black, silver and blue sparkles. Stunning!

Looks just like a jump into hyperspace, cool!

All of these shadows are Panda Approved for absolute Pandamonium. The only one I might not re-purchase would be Wookie Noises. But I love all of these regardless. Great quality and staying power!

May the Force Be with You

xo PrettyPanda

Tell me what you think of these swatches!

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