Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Look with NYX 'Dark Shadows' Palette

Hey pretty pandas!

I have been playing around with some of my newer aquirements, and I thought I would post a look I did with the NYX 'Dark Shadows' palette I reviewed a little while ago! Sorry in advance for the face spam!

I had a little *too* much fun with photoshop on this one, so this just serves as a fun picture. But I used a few of the shadows to create an orangey-brown eye. I used the liquid liner, lipgloss, blush, and highlighter. I am really happy with the look.

This is what the look actually looks like! Haha. The palette has a lot of great dark shades, so they work well for creating a little bit darker day-time eye, which was what I was going for here.

Ahh all of my pictures look different. Luckily I am getting a new camera soon-ish so I can fix this issue haha. But they are good enough to get the idea. If you want to see the palette, the review can be found here.

Also, if you want to know which exact shades I'm wearing just drop me a comment.

xoxo PrettyPanda

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