Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lynderella and Nerd Laquer: My Thoughts

There is so much drama going on in the nail polish industry right now. It is so sad, because it is honestly just NAIL POLISH. I mean, I am a nail junkie -- but this drama is getting crazy.

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You may have heard of Lynderella polishes. They were the first  indie frankens to hit the market. And soon they were sold out, hard to get, and pretty soon after that people were paying upwards of $25 on Ebay for these polishes. Crazy.

Recently, Lynderella has been really shady. I came out that she had given her brother some of her polishes to sell online for huge amounts of money. She was argumentative to places that carried her polish, and just unprofessional. She also did not have the same quality in her polishes that she used to. The glitter would curl and bleed.

This is just unacceptable. I never got my hands on a Lynderella, but now I never want one.

Nerd Laquer was an Etsy store with small collections sold on other geeky sites. I had been lemming many of Amanda's polishes for a while. Especially 'Shiny' because I am a Firefly geek, and 'Medal for Chewie' for my love of Star Wars. She had unique mixes at reasonable prices.

But she seems to have disappeared. Her Etsy site is closed. Websites have released statements saying they no longer carry her product. She hasn't answered her email in over a month. We all hope she is okay, but since she was not answering email a month ago but closed her Etsy site 2 weeks ago, something seems sketch. A lot of people have lost money from Etsy orders and it is just sad.

Bottom line: I want you to be informed. I also want you to make sure you check out any indie company (polish or otherwise) before buying. And if you own a indie company, take note!

How do you feel about this drama in the nail world? Thoughts?

xo PrettyPanda

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