Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cynthia Rowley for Band-Aid

Designer Band-Aid's? Cool, right?

I think so!

For $5, you get 20 of the coolest bandages I have ever seen. They are mini works of art that you can place over your boo-boos. I am in love.

I opened one of them to show you all. This is a pretty black doily pattern and I am just in love with everything about these dumb little band-aids. How can band-aids make me go so crazy? I don't know.

I will probably hoard these forever and never use them. Look at the cute little CR right there! LOOK AT IT! I am in cute heaven.

What do you think of these? Love 'em or Leave 'em? Do we really need designer band-aids?

xo PrettyPanda


  1. Those are adorable! And incidentally I really need a band-aid! I stabbed my left index finger with a packing tape dispenser today and it's just bleeding intermittently.

    But I have no band-aids.

    1. Oh noes! Those packing tape things are deadly. I usually pawn off the taping-up to someone else. Band-aids are a must for you then, it is no fun to bleed all over things :)


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