Friday, June 15, 2012

'Paradise Punch' for Maybelline Summer 2012

Hey Pandas!

Back again with another Maybelline summer eye shadow duo! As you know I was really impressed with 'Oriental Spice', but will I be taken with 'Paradise Punch'? Let's see...

This is 'Paradise Punch' which retails about $3.29, just under four bucks. Pretty good deal for two good sized shadows.

I love the punchy bubblegum pink and lime green duo. It is so refreshing looking and what drew me in first. I was a little skeptical, because I know pigmentation on these colors can lack a bit.

And I was right to be wary...this is swatched four times EACH. Not okay. The pink is workable, but the lime is kind of a waste of space at this point.

I have a lot of other indie shadows that perform better in these colors, so I will stick with those. I am sad that 'Paradise Punch' just didn't do it for me, because I was totally digging the tropical vibe!

Final Thoughts:

Price: 10/10
Staying Power: 10/10
Color/Wearability: 4/10
Packaging: 8/10
Quality/Branding: 6/10

Total: 38/50 = C = Totally Un-Thrilled Panda

Any suggestions for a better lime green shadow?

xoxo PrettyPanda


  1. Darn, these looked so promising in the pan! Oh well, you're always bound to find a couple duds at the drugstore, at least the other duo was great :)

  2. ... It reminds me of the original Great Lash mascara tube. Oh well, everything else aside- Maybelline still animal tests. Stick with the indie brands!


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