Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grave Mistake

Hey my wonderful PrettyPanda readers!

Sorry I have been MIA. My laptop crashed last week...had to return it to factory settings, and I just got things up and running again. Haven't re-installed Photoshop yet, so the pics today will not be great and they won't be labeled -- but hey, it is something!

Reds are classic. They (in my humble opinion) are year-round. And today I bring you a red perfect for if you are channeling your inner sailor pin-up girl. Or if you are just like me, and think it is totally okay to wear vampy red in June.

"Grave Mistake" is from the new "Dark Shadows" collection ORLY recently put out to coincide with the Burton/Depp flick.

This is a dark, vampy, burgundy cream. It reminds me of a good wine. Or blood. Tomatoe Tamahto.

This is two coats, but I think it needs three. It is uncharacteristically streaky, and if you apply just one looks like blood. Gross, coagulating blood. Great for Halloween I am sure. But stick to multiple coats for a classic look.

I think this color is also a great staple to have. It goes nicely with pale skin, but would look so lovely on darker skin tones as well. I also think this can transition easily to fall.

 This retails for $8.

I'll spare you that grading, because I recommend it and I am tired and want to sleep. Haha.

Any other classic reds your recommend?

xoxo PrettyPanda

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  1. Red's my favorite color! :3 I'll have to try this one, if I can find it. Also, might I suggest getting Dropbox? I don't keep anything on my hard drive anymore, even if it is a Mac.


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