Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Maybelline 'Oriental Spice' Eye Shadow Duo for Summer '12

Hey my summery pandas!

I am just obsessed with how nice it has been here in So. Cal the last few days, how is the weather out by you? I hope just as perfect!

Today I bring you a product that Maybelline released in a collection for Summer 2012. It is limited edition so try and snatch it up as soon as you can if you like it!

This is 'Oriental Spice' and retails for just under $4. You can find it at Ulta, or CVS, or Target. It is a wonderful summertime duo that reminds me of sand and a sunset!

The colors are not named, but there is a slightly dusty orange and pretty dark brown/bronze color. It reminds me of those tanning oils!

The pigmentation is just okay on these. The orange needed two passes to get this color, the bronze needed a little bit more than one. Overall very pretty though and they look so nice together.

Here you can really see how vibrant they are if you take the extra time to layer. Over a primer these really last! I had to almost fight with them at the end of the day, which for me is a great sign. I really like this duo, and plan on taking it to Hawaii with me in a few weeks for a quick, easy eye look.

Final Thoughts:

Price: 10/10
Staying Power: 10/10
Color/Wearability: 8/10 (for less pigmentation than I expected)
Packaging: 8/10
Quality/Branding: 9/10

Total: 45/50 = A = Pandamonium!

What do you think? What do these shades remind you of, and will you give them a try?

xoxo PrettyPanda

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