Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lovely In London

I wish I could be Lovely in London right now. But Southern California weather isn't too bad! Thanks to Stila, I can pretend to be in London as often as I want with this fun, travel-sized palette.

'Lovely in London' is one of Stila's collectible city palettes. It just happens to be #1 in the group. It comes with 5 eye shadows and 1 lip/cheek color along with a mirror and a helpful look guide. It retail for $16.
You actually get a lot of product in this little palette. Click the picture if you want to see the shades close up. They all have very British names, which I love.

Keep reading to see swatches!

Notting Hill is the first shade in the palette. Whenever I hear that, I always think of the Hugh Grant flick. Sigh. Okay, back to beauty -- it is a matte light brown. Great for brows... not so great for shadow.

As you can see it is very light. Once again, mattes everywhere make me sad...

The next shade is 'Duchess' and it is a true, sparkly, warm-toned gold. Simply beautiful and fit for royalty. It is my favorite shade in the whole palette, and the best performing.

Super pretty and pigmented. A little goes a long way. This is perfect for summer's gilded lids trend.

Next we have 'Castle', the middle highlighting shade. You can use this as a base color all the way up to the browbone. I am guessing this is why there is so much of it! It is a matte cream that pulls pink.

It has decent color pay-off and is creamier than the other mattes in the palette.

Next comes 'Tower Bridge' which ever so slightly deeper than Notting Hill and is also matte. Nothing special here.

It is really streaky and dry. It took a lot of product to get this swatch.

High Street is the last eye shadow shade. It is a dark brown matte.

Yes it has good color payoff but it is blotchy and patchy and all sorts of gross.

Primrose is the lip and cheek color. It is a pretty light pink and I love this product, my favorite thing in the palette.

It is creamy, not sticky, and is the perfect urban girl color. Very London and I am in love with it. Thank goodness for this or the palette would be a lost cause.

Final Thoughts: Buy at your own risk and be Lovely in London with something else...

Price: 6/10
Staying Power: 8/10
Packaging: 8/10
Color/Wearability: 6/10
Quality/Branding: 7/10

Total: 35/50 = C- = Pretty Sad Panda

xoxo PrettyPanda


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