Friday, November 16, 2012

For the Love of Your Cuticles

As the weather grows colder, I find that my nails and my cuticles need a lot more care. I change my polish every other day, and am very active with my hands (crafting, painting, swatching) so I need to replenish moisture often.

Sometimes, lotion just doesn't do the trick. I decided to give Sally Hansen Quick Care Cuticle Treatment Pen a chance to wow me.

I like pen applicators. They have less mess and I can carry them in my purse! Score! This little baby will set you back about $6.99.

Even though I had to turn the click dial about 4,000 times to get anything to come out, the formula is amazing and softened my cuticles literally before my eyes. It also has this fantastic massage tip so you can slough off dead cuticles in the process of application. Brilliant!
This formula has Sweet Almond Oil, Mango Seed Butter and Tea Tree Oil. It smells slightly herby but it does not linger for too long, and you may find it pleasant.
Final Thoughts: Sally Hansen is always a go-to for nails and this really did an amazing overhaul of my disgusting cuticles! Panda Approved!
Price: 9/10
Staying Power:N/A
Packaging: 9/10
Color/Wearability: N/A
Quality/Branding: 10/10
Total: 28/30 = A = Pandamonium!
What is your favorite cuticle oil? I've heard a lot of good things about LUSH's Lemony Flutter!
xoxo PrettyPanda


  1. You know...I haven't had the best relationship with Sally Hansen nail things, mostly because I've only tried their polishes which ugh. Ugh. That formula. Nonono. This looks really good though, and I love the handy dandy pen format! Might have to check this one out next time I'm at CVS :)

    1. Me either, I am always a bit wary...but my cuticles were in horrendous shape and I needed something STAT. I think it is worth a look!


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