Friday, November 23, 2012

Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection: Renesmee Red

No Twilight Saga makeup collection would be complete without red right? Keep in mind that these different mini color themes within the larger collection include other products...I am just swatching from what I got my hands on.

There are also some nail polishes, and a beautiful lip gloss in Renesmee Red, but I was drawn to the blush!

This is a true red blush, and it is perfect for the holiday season (whether you are a fan of the movie or not). This was the best performing piece of the collection that I swatched, and my favorite. I'll show you why!

This was only $2.99, and is one of the best purchases I have made recently. It comes in a decent size and has a creamy finish, not too powdery or hard to blend.

The color was obviously inspired by Edward and Bella's gorgeous little daughter, Renesmee. Since she is half human and half immortal, she still has a blush to her cheeks...hence this product. It all makes sense now...right?

This is one light swatch, so a little goes a long way. This is going to give you the prettiest holiday flush! It lasts decently with a good primer and is easy to blend out. Score!
Final Thoughts: Renesmee Red is holiday and Panda Approved!
xoxo PrettyPanda


  1. I have no idea what you're talking about (because, Twilight) but this is a pretty color. I remember (forever ago) when I was doing theatre makeup we used one blush from MAC that was really similar. The reds will work for everyone, you just have to be careful about layering.

    1. I think I know the blush you are talking about. I'd have to dig in my drawer, but it was similar to this and I had to wear it for ballet. This would actually work really well as cheap theater makeup

  2. This is super pretty! I love red blushes :)

    1. Me too! They are hard to find in budget brands as well!

  3. Perhaps this would be a good Mac 'Frankly Scarlet' dup? I picked up my own Renesmee blush too! Along with a pigment, a nailpolish and a highlighter called 'Bella's Secret' lol. I love these products, I'm just nervous it will make me break out, the first ingredient is listed as Talc :( I haven't tried the blush yet!


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