Monday, April 8, 2013

NYX Love in Paris: Be Our Guest Maurice

Okay, here is a nod to all of you Beauty and the Beast fans! Fun fact..."Be Our Guest" was originally written to be sung to Maurice when he enters the castle, but Belle got the special treatment instead.

Now that you know this, don't you feel like you have to have this palette? I did! Go NYX!

This is a NYX Love in Paris palette called Be Our Guest Maurice and features 9 shadows, mostly purples and smokey shades. It retails for $10 at Ulta.
I can't get over the cuteness of these palettes. The colors, the names, the cute bow closure. Win!
Shade 1: Dark purple with red glitter
Shade 2: Pink shimmer, rose tone
Shade 3: Pink toned lilac shimmer with silver glitter
Shade 4: True white shimmer
Shade 5: Violet shimmer
Shade 6: Gunmetal shimmer
Shade 7: Gold/rose shimmer
Shade 8: Warm brown shimmer
Shade 9: Matte black
Here are all the colors swatched basically in order on my hand, the last three are on the top and bottom horizontally. Most are pretty opaque and some are better than others, but all around, this is a good palette for a purple smokey eye. I love it!
What NYX palettes have you tried? Do you love Beauty and the Beast?


  1. Gorgeous palette! I have two of these palettes at home, but I have my eye on this one now!

    1. Yes, I think this is a good one if you only choose a couple!! Thanks for stopping by Niki!

  2. Really? That's so COOL! Beauty & the Beast is one of my faves!
    I hope we get this palette here when Target opens up!

    1. I love Beauty and the Beast too!!! Oooh, Target, how you are going to go crazy!!!


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