Friday, April 5, 2013

The Best Eye Shadow Palette of Spring/Summer 2013: Sonia Kashuk Eye On Glamour

Pandas, I have found my HG palette for all of my Spring and Summer color needs. This 12 shadow palette has every on-trend color this season and I am so in love with it!

This is the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Glamour Eye Couture Palette for Spring 2013. It includes 12 shadows in matte, glimmer, and frost (called Celestial formula I believe from the back of the compact). It comes in a very thin, classy black compact that flips open. This retails for $19.99 (yes, expensive but just you wait) and can be found at Targets (but hurry!)
This is truly gorgeous to look at. I was a little worried about the colors, because even in higher-end brand offerings, these colors can be sheer. This is my first time trying Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow.
Let the swatching begin! This is the first row (top) from left to right. I labeled the pictures but here is a little more in-depth description. These are not their actual names (they have no names)
Mint: This is really pigmented, and almost acts like a matte with very very fine overspray of glitter. I rather like the more matte look for this mint. It can also sort of lean into a pale, pastel green. Very opaque and pretty.
Metallic Copper: The middle row (going vertical in the palette) has the coolest texture, almost like a cream. And holy cow, just a little touch and these are full opacity and so creamy. I want them all! All! Super pretty burnt copper with a brown base.
Coral: Coral eye shadow is a must! This has a matte base with gold glitter sprinkled in, the perfect summer shadow.
Light Blue: This looks like a teal in the pan, but really swatches like a baby blue with matching glitter. Shimmery and gorgeous.
Copper: This again has that awesome creamy formula and is a true copper. So beautiful!
Emerald: The pantone color of the year right in this palette. True matte, not chalky, fully opaque. Great shade.
Periwinkle: How often do we see this shade? Never! And in matte? I hit the jackpot! This is absolutely lovely. Cannot rave enough.
Gold: This looks much more yellow in the palette but swatches as a creamy shimmer with almost a silver tone, very metallic and hot for summer.
Violet: This has that same matte base but with purple and silver very fine glitter. A very pretty red/purple.
Lilac: This is a gorgeous shade because it has a blue shift to it. Wow, can I be any more in love?
Silver: Your typical silver, feels like a cream shadow as well and applies as one.
Cream: This is an off white shimmer, a little chalky. Probably my least favorite shade in the palette, but that is not much of a loss.
Honestly? Everyone. But if you are looking for something of great quality to fit your color needs for this season, look no further! Seriously.

This Sonia Kashuk palette seemed a bit hard to swallow when I first picked it up for $20 at Target, but since swatching and playing around with this, I am so impressed with the formulas, mixture of textures, and quality of these shadows. I would not hesitate to buy a back up if I see it again. I love it that much.
This one is a no brainer Pandas. Absolutely Panda Approved!
Will you be picking this up? Tried it already?



  1. Oh, this looks amazing! The quality looks superb. And I like the mix of shades! Reminds of the Mon Shou Shu palettes, actually.

    1. It really blew me away, I couldn't believe it. If they are anything like this baby, I need to check them out. Thanks Larie!

  2. It's a beautiful collection of shades, and please, $20 for the pigmentation on those is practically a bargain (LOL my logic...). Will you be doing eye looks with these? I'd love to see :D I'm sticking with my trusty Guerlain palette this summer haha, but I can definitely see the appeal of this one.

    1. Haha, your logic is the same as mine then. Yes, I love your Guerlain one, I would stick with that one haha

  3. Pretty! It looks amazing quality! And there's a MINT! :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, the mint sold me!


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