Friday, April 26, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Branded

Hey Pandas!
Summer is fast approaching and I know all of us are looking for summer staples as far as cosmetics go to get us through hot days and fun summer nights. After testing out a perfect nude Color Tattoo shade, I have to say that this will follow me to my upcoming trip to Hawaii and beyond.

This is Maybelline's Color Tattoo Metal 24 hour eyeshadow in Barely Branded. This is a warm, nude shade with a metallic finish. You can find them at Ulta and drugstores for $6.99.
This shadow is for anyone that wants a cheaper dupe for a MAC paint pot, a stay all day nude shadow, or a nude base for other shadows. With a good primer and proper application, this lasts about 10 hours on my lids alone. Some minor creasing happens but with some smoothing, it is fine again. When used as a base and set with other shadow, this lasted about 17 hours on me...and through a crazy, sweaty Franz Ferdinand concert (which was amazing btw, do any of you listen to them?). I have to say, concerts are a true test for wear for me, as I dance like crazy!
This does have a very strong metallic finish if you apply it heavily. This particular Color Tattoo has a lot of slip and is very emollient, which makes it easy to apply. It can be applied in a sheerer wash of color which I think is easier and more flattering (bottom swatch).
Excuse my no make-up otherwise eyes, but this is a sheer wash of the shadow on my bare lid. It is easy and gives you a pretty, awake look that is fresh for summer. Seriously, this is no fuss. Apply with a finger or a cream shadow brush and you are out the door! Love it!
Panda Approved!!
Have you tried this shade? What are your feelings about the Color Tattoos in general?


  1. Ohhhh you're a panda lover as well? Yay! Happy pande here :-)

    Oh and uhm, the Maybelline color Tattoos are great, I like them a lot.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha its okay, thanks for stopping by! I adore your blog and I am glad to have you as a panda!!

  3. This looks like MUFE Aqua Cream #13 I think is the number? Pretty! I might try this one! But these don't stay on my lids for some reason. :(( WHich makes me really sad because they are so cheap! Stoopid oily eyelids...

    1. It does doesn't it!! It really is great, but for you, just use it as a base. If I had oiler eyelids (as oily as my dang face) then I couldn't use there, sadly :(

  4. I just ordered this one from, since I needed some other stuff and they were having a sale. Excited to try it out!

    1. I hope you like it Larie!! It is such a multi-purpose product!


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