Friday, April 12, 2013

The Two Shades of Lip Liner Every Girl Needs

I am not a big lip liner person, granted I am younger and I usually never have a problem with lipstick feathering into fine lines yet. However, I have started to become mesmerized by what else a lip liner can do.
Lip liners not only keep lipstick from feathering, but they make it last longer, can add depth to any color, or can be worn alone with gloss. And no, it does not have to be a harsh, 90's line. I may have still been a child then, but I do remember some makeup no-nos. I mean, even my Barbies had it...
So let's talk about the two liners every girl needs. A good nude and a good red. Think about it, a nude can go under everything and a red is essential for making that red lip (which is flattering on everyone in the right shade) last and last.
Of course, other colors are fun, but if you only have the cash for a few...check out the very affordable Retractable Lip Liners by NYX. They are waterproof, come in a variety of colors, and will run you about $4.
These are creamy and do not pull or tug on the lips during application. They are also opaque enough in one swipe to provide a great, long-lasting base for any lip product.
The nude is called well, Nude! And the guessed it...Red!
 I prefer a nude that has some pink undertones and is a bit darker, because my lips have a lot of natural pigment that I want to only slightly tone down, not make into concealer lips.
The red is a very true red and will go great under any red lipstick or gloss.
Overall, both of these liners are Panda Approved.
What colors are in your lip liner wardrobe? Or are you still a little shy to try liner?

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