Sunday, August 4, 2013

Too Faced Beauty Editor Darlings

I am a sucker for sets where you can try a handful of things for a low price. Too Faced Beauty Editor Darlings is the perfect set to do just that!
This is seriously a little box of joy, and once I tried out all the products (being new to almost all of them) they are a must-have makeup kit, especially for travel!
For $19, you get deluxe mini sizes of the following: Lashgasm mascara, Original Shadow Insurance, Glamour Gloss in Sex Pot, Lip Insurance, and Primed & Poreless.
Instead of those cases where sample sets include mostly duds, all of these are useful and worth it...and you may just discover a new favorite product!
Lashgasm mascara: Super black, not too wet formula does a decent job on volumizing and adding length. I like the thin spiky brush as well.
Primed & Poreless: Mattifies, smoothes, and makes skin look very nice. Does a great job helping makeup last longer. I am impressed!
Lip Insurance: Nice plumping effect and keeps your lipstick/gloss on significantly longer. It fills in lines and makes your lips a perfectly smooth canvas.
Glamour Gloss: Sex Pot is the perfect rosy pink. No sparkle here, but a great everyday gloss.
Shadow Insurance: I already own Glitter Glue, but the original shadow insurance does a great job. Keeps my shadows in place and vibrant without being oily.
Here is one coat of Lashgasm!
Here is Sex Pot over Lip Insurance. Love it! Very simple lip, but good for neutral makeup days.
Do you like mini-kits? Are any of these your favorites?
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  1. Wow what a great little set! It's nice to try out products before you splurge on the big ol bottles. xx

    1. Ya I totally agree, and these will last you about a month, so overall it is worth it!

  2. This set looks great! I bought a Benefit Big 10 this year and really loved it.. That gloss looks like a perfect nude. I've never tried a lip primer before, I may have to invest in one! x

    1. Lip primers are those products you don't think you need but you do...or invest in a clear lip liner, as that works as a primer as well!

  3. Drool... oehh how i'd like to own that. :) I still haven't gotten around to trying SI.

    1. You should! It rivals other big names like UD PP and such!


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