Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sally Hansen Peptide Lip Smoother and Invisible Lip Liner: Review

I am all about taking care of my lips. I go through Babylips like they are water, but when Sally Hansen came out with her new lip care line, I had to see what it was all about.
I picked up a treatment: the Peptide Lip Smoother ($7) and the Invisible Lip Liner ($8).
Let's talk about the Peptide Lip Smoother first.
This product claims to give back 128% moisture to your lips as well as restore firmness and plumpness. You are really only supposed to use this twice a day, but I prefer it as a night treatment.
Let me tell you why---this is a thin, milky treatment that WILL leave a white cast on your lips. It also takes a while to sink in, has a slightly gritty texture, and smells a bit herbal and medicinal.
I have been using this for a little over a week, around and on my lips at night and I have noticed a distinct difference. My lips look healthier, lose less moisture throughout the day, and look more even in tone (which is kinda weird, but I guess nice).
The downsides of this for me is that this does not feel luxurious. The texture is awkward, and so is the smell, and honestly, it isn't that fun to put on at night, even when the results are there. I will probably use up this tube, then maybe move onto Hourglass' treatment oil. Even though there is a considerable price jump, I had hoped this would feel better on my lips along with the good results.
Now, for the invisible lip liner:
This is overall a very solid product. It has a ton of shea butter in the formula so it glides on easily and basically acts as a barrier to prevent lipstick from feathering, and since it is invisible, you can use it with any lipstick.
This works well, but does not work wonders. It keeps my lipstick from feathering into what tiny lines I have, but does not increase the wear time of my lipstick.
All in all, both of these products do what they claim, but they don't wow me. Of the two, I say pick up the peptide lip smoother if you don't think you will mind the funky feel and smell, because it honestly does work!
What other lip treatments do you love?
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  1. Huh! that lip smoother sounds interesting! I think I'd like that as I use the Nuxe one at night and it's kind of gritty too.

    1. Then you probably would! I just can't deal with the texture.

  2. I think the medicinal smell would bother me. I hate having something weird smelling literally right under my nose!

    1. Me too! That's why this is a no go for me.


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