Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lancôme Rouge in Love: Rose Emotion

I have wanted a Lancôme Rouge in Love for a long time, and I finally decided on the shade Rose Emotion
These have to be some of the most beautiful lipsticks I have ever seen. The tube is brushed silver with a glossy silver base and the Rouge in Love logo in cute red writing. The packaging is hefty and feels weighty in the hand, which I like.
The detailing up the side of the tube is so dainty, like little red stitches! For $26, you get major quality, and of course the Lancôme logo is embossed on the actual lipstick.
Rose Emotion is a very light, pale, cool-toned pink. It is the perfect 'mod' shade for lips if you are looking for something to pair with a smoky eye. This is high-potency, feather-light lip color according to Lancôme, and is supposed to last for 6 hours on lips.
There is a very light, sweet rose scent to the lipstick and it applies like a dream, truly feeling feather-light. Although the color is lighter than other options in the range, the payoff is still great.
Unfortunately, because this is such a comfortable formula, I don't feel it lasts as long as claimed. Maybe 3 hours, which is sad only because of the price factor. However, pulling this out of my purse every once in a while to reapply is no biggie because it makes a cute statement!
Overall, I am very happy with my Rouge in Love in Rose Emotion. A perfect nude pink shade! These are gorgeous, girly, luxury.
Panda Approved
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  1. It's a cute tube of lipstick, that's for sure! I tried a few of these in store and wasn't really down with the texture, but I do love this shade on you! Very fresh!

    1. Thanks! I can see how some people wouldn't be, though!

  2. oh wow, the packaging is beautiful! love it!! never tried any make up from lancome before x

    1. I know, the packaging is to die for!

  3. This is such a pretty color. Is the packaging LE? I don't think I've seen it before

  4. I agree with you. The formula of these lipsticks is AMAZING. After I wore this lippy, I thought to myself that this is how an ideal lip balm should be. It made my lips feel smooth and plump. I just have not found a shade I like in the range. There were a couple LE shades I wanted to try - Fall in Rose and Tangerine Crush - but I don't think any counters near me got these shades. :(


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