Friday, August 2, 2013

Sun Bum Lip Balm in Coconut

Sun Bum seems to be everywhere lately (you might spot it in Nordstrom's or the Roxy store) but I was first introduced to it on my trip to Maui.
If you haven't heard of them, Sun Bum is a smaller brand founded in 2010 and is Skin Cancer Foundation approved, which is awesome. Personally, I love their cool packaging and the smell of all of their products.
I decided to try out their SPF 30 balm, and have not been disappointed. This smells amazing---like real, fresh coconut. Nothing artificial here. It has the amazing SPF 30 and cocoa butter which makes it super emollient. It is also PBA free and they do not test on animals!
I also think their monkey logo is adorable! This whole line has a crazy cool vibe that just makes me want to be at the beach. And I love that this markets to the crowd that wouldn't normally take care of their skin... like hey, you can be an awesome surfer and still stay skin-cancer free. Awesome.
For $3.99 they aren't the absolute cheapest balms, but it is really hard to find an SPF 30 balm, let alone one that smells this good. They have a ton more flavors on their website, so check them out!
Panda Approved for summer!
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  1. That LOGO is hilarious! LOVE it! I want one for sure!

    1. They have a ton of other flavors too Tracy, Mango is really good as well!

  2. The packaging is really cute, yeah :-) And I love that it is so budget-friendly!


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