Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Scarlet Pumpkin Hand and Body Cream

Fall is almost here, and that means there are all sorts of amazing goodies to be found at Bath and Body Works, like the amazing Fresh Picked Scarlet Pumpkin Hand and Body Cream for $5!
I love the B&BW Fresh Picked Line, and Scarlet Pumpkin is no exception. What I love most is that this scent clings close to the body and is not overwhelming. It is a fresh fall scent that doesn't scream pumpkin, but more like cooked pumpkin and apples and fresh dew. It really is wonderful.
The formula is so lovely and I use this as a treatment on my hands because it is really luxurious. I got this for $5, but that may have been a special price...but I am telling you I would pay $15 for this! It is that good.
What other Fall scents are you loving from Bath and Body Works? I am totally digging the Caramel Pumpkin Latté as well!
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