Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aveeno Ulta Calming Makeup Remover Wipes: Quick Review

As I am constantly on the go, and busy swatching and reviewing makeup, as any beauty blogger knows, makeup wipes come in handy. How are Aveeno's Ultra Calming ones? Let's find out.
At $7 for 25 wipes, these are kind of a splurge for me, as I usually by the Up and Up brand at Target for $4 for 2 packs of 50 wipes. While those are good for hand swatches, they weren't good for my face, so I wanted something for when I get home late from dancing and just want to take the makeup off and hop in bed.
Although these have not broken out my face and I think are good for sensitive skin, they are almost too saturated with remover and do a good job cleaning but they leave a film on the face that is slightly oily and unpleasant. It feels like I need another towel to wipe it all off! 
They don't calm anything, but they don't irritate either, and I feel the need to wash my face and hands after using, which defeats the point, right?
Overall, not impressed.
Do you have a favorite makeup remover wipe? I'm open for suggestions!
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