Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NYX Matte Lipstick in Bloody Mary

Red lips will never go out of style, and with this debate between Ruby Woo and Riri Woo, I think matte makes a strong case for itself.
Nyx Bloody Mary ($5) is a true, blue-based, matte red lipstick that comes in a rather cheap looking plastic tube, which is one of the few downsides to this product. I don't feel that the cap closes all the way, and I really wouldn't trust it in my makeup bag.
However, I do like that you can see the actual color through the tube. It makes it easy to identify!
Here is a swatch of Bloody Mary with natural light. You can see that it is very blue-based, which is a bit hard to wear, but it makes for the most stunning and classic red lip.
With flash, you can see even more of the blue undertone. Keep in mind that this is highly pigmented. One little swipe and this is full, opaque coverage. I would suggest a lip brush to maneuver around the outside of your lips, and a lip liner.
This really is a show-stopping red. It is dry on the lips and will accentuate lines and flakes, so prep well before hand for a flawless look. It lasts about 5 hours, fades pretty evenly, but does require a close-eye on it to keep it looking its best.
Do I recommend? Yes! A cheap, dependable matte red. But since mattes are finicky, keep this in your stash for special occasions.
Panda Approved!
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  1. Wow! Thank you for recommendation, it looks awesome!

    1. Thanks!! I am totally loving it!


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