Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beautifully Disney: Love's First Kiss Swatches and Review

Hey Pandas! I am so excited to show this product to you. You may have heard of Disney's new beauty line called Beautifully Disney, but if you haven't, you will now. It is a small collection found in the Disney parks or online that is decorated with beautiful artwork and inspired by the classic princess movies. And if the princesses aren't your thing, there is a corresponding part of the collection all for the evil ones!

This is one of the lip glosses, Love's First Kiss ($14.95) and is decorated with a black and white drawing of Snow White. It is the deepest of the princess lip gloss shades, has no smell, and no taste, and is a pretty dusty rose color.
The wand is your standard doe foot, and carries a nice amount of product, although I do think the lip gloss itself is small for the price. But you are paying for the artwork, the beautiful box, and exclusivity of it.

This is a cream lip gloss with not real visible glitter, just some shimmer. It is medium coverage, but can be built and lasts around 3.5 hours. The feel is nice on the lips, moisturizing, and not sticky.
On the lips, I love the way it looks. It is a my lips but better shade that can go with everything. It is a perfect, sweet, everyday gloss.
If you are around the Disney Parks, I would suggest checking the line out for yourself. I haven't tried any of the other colors but I was impressed with this one, especially for a line that could have come out totally cheesy and with low quality.
The quality is definitely here, but the selling point will be if you are a Disney lover, and I am!
Panda Approved.
Have you tried any of the Beautifully Disney line? I would love to hear about your experiences!
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  1. Aw man, this makes me miss Disneyland so much, haven't been there in years! Also had no idea they were doing beauty outside of Sephora, so that's pretty cool. Would have figured a Snow White gloss would be red, but I can definitely get on board with this shade too! Looks quite pretty on you :)

    1. If I couldn't go to Disney on a regular basis I would die. I have a pass because I am obsessed haha. I was surprised that this wasn't red as well, but I like that it didn't go for the cliché!


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