Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette Review and Swatches

Hey Pandas!
I am beyond excited to show you the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2013. I knew, even if I only picked up one big fall palette, this would be the one.
This palette is $46 and comes with 10, completely gorgeous, full-sized eye shadows, all housed in one of the coolest package ever!
I am loving the gold case with black and pink detail. So very fun! I am also loving the Francesca Eastwood is their model for this collection, she is gorgeous!
Here are the first four shadows and my thoughts on them:
Dainty: Pretty matte light pink. Makes a great base for eye looks and is a good neutral for this palette. A bit on the chalky side though.
Charming: Pretty eggplant matte shade. Has a bit of brown it as well, and is a good crease color. Very pigmented but also a teensy bit chalky.
Ringleader: Gorgeous shimmery pink champagne color. Useful as a highlighter in this collection. Nice payoff.
Gangsta: Medium brown shimmer with tiny bits of red, pink, and gold glitter. Very unique shade and good color payoff.
These are the more neutral shades of the pallete, but they are still very fun and easy to work with. I am really impressed by the opacity of each shade!
Girly: This is one of the coolest shades ever! A duochrome dark teal with a red flash as the undertone. Simply stunning, very smooth and creamy as well!
Totally Fetch: Can I just say the name here is amazing. One of the few hot pinks that actually translate onto skin as such! One of  my new favorite shades!
Instigator: Think 24k luxe! Super shimmery and pigmented.
Badass: Glittery navy with a hint of purple and silver. Stunning.
Seriously, if I could marry this palette, I would.
And the last two shades:
Miss Sparkles: An inky black base with lots of silver sparkle. Very fresh and young as well as rebellious!
Jailbird: Icy silver with a hint of blue. Easy to apply.
Overall there is nothing I hate about this palette. All of the colors are fresh, on-trend, easy to apply, and pigmented. The colors work well together, but they may not be right for those who wear mostly neutrals. However, the palette is labeled 'Pretty Rebel' and with these eyeshadows, you get looks that are exactly that!
I think this is one of Too Faced's best palettes and they really stepped up their game here. I couldn't be happier!
Panda Totally Approved!
Have you tried anything from the Pretty Rebel collection yet? What do you think of these colors?
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  1. Wow! All the colors are gorgeous! I have a few items from Too Faced and love them, so I'm very curious to give this one a shot :)

    1. Thanks Niki! You really should, this is a great offering, and some unique colors to add to your collection.

  2. Really like the shade Gangsta, it's such a pretty bronzed colour!
    Heard so much about too faced's make up, really wish we have it in the UK :( x

    1. Thanks!!! I wish you guys had it too!!

  3. Thanks for the swatches, Girly is so special!

    1. I love Girly, so glad you liked them!

  4. I must have this! I can't wait for them to launch this over here in the UK.
    Totally Fetch made me chuckle... "on wednesdays we wear pink" bahaha!!!
    Steff Xx

    1. I know, I love Mean Girls! Thanks Steff!


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