Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby Lips Electro: Oh! Orange!

Hey Pandas! Summer is all about brights, but they can be intimidating to wear, and personally I like the idea of them better than the actual thing. Cue the new Babylips Electro collection for Summer 2013.

If you have ever ventured onto this blog, you probably know that I LOVE the Babylips formula. I think that Maybelline did a great job with all aspects of the product. I also know that some people don't care for Babylips, but even if it isn't your HG chap stick, I think the Electro collection is worth checking out.
They are the same price as the originals ($2.99) and the packaging is all black with colored writing on the clear cap. Oh! Orange! has the best smell---it smells like a "big stick"! (If you have never heard of this amazing ice cream treat, Google it!). The formula is no different, but I find there is a nice pop of color with the new neon Electros. They are the easiest way to feel summery and wear 'brights' with zero maintenance.
I think the wearable orange color is so pretty, the packaging is really cute, and the price can't be beat. If you are looking for a cheap summer thrill, pick up one of the new Babylips Electro colors!

Have you tried any of the Babylips Electro collection? I want to try the lemon one next!
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  1. Yeah agreed! The packaging looks quite city-like and cute. :D

    1. Thank you! I know, it is really adorable packaging!

  2. These catch my eye every time I pass them (hard not to, they're so cute and bright!) I'm eyeing one of the pink ones.


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