Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post: Amazing Nails by Brooke from prettyandpolisheddd

Hey everyone! Today is really special because I want to introduce you to an amazing nail artist! I've been so impressed with her work on Instagram that I wanted to feature her, so let me introduce you to Brooke!
Hi, my name is Brooke. I am a 20 year old college student who loves to paint nails! I started doing nails when I was young. I would take a paper plate and a toothpick and practice making flowers on it for hours. I would get my nails done and observe how nail professionals did their job. I started doing my own as well as my moms' and sisters' nails frequently and word spread quickly and soon, I had a lot of friends, and my moms' and sisters' friends coming over to get their nails done. I asked around and got all the tools to making nail art possible. As I did more nails, many people would ask if I had thought about doing nails in the future and many suggested I should start my own nail business. When I created my Instagram, it opened my eyes to the nail world and I saw all the creativeness and how far nailart can go. I have advertised, but it is hard with Instagram because not everyone is from the LA area, as I do nails from out of my home. Many of my designs are inspired by others, but all my nails are my own. I have a great ability to recreate almost any design. I am self taught so I don't do much cleaning before painting. I typically just cut and file, then get right into painting. I love doing nails, but as a college student, some extra money would be nice! I would do nails for cheap starting at 10$; the price would be based on the design and time it takes. My Instagram name is prettyandpolisheddd, so check out my nails!

The above design took 2 and a half hours!! For this design, I used regular nails polish, thin brushes and my dotting tools. I didn't do the acrylic nails however. I just painted over her acrylics. I had recreated nail decals from Etsy.

Isn't she talented? Check out her Instagram! She's also a really awesome person in general! Thanks for showing us your skills, Brooke!
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  1. Amazing, she sure has talent!

    1. Thanks! I know she appreciates your comments :)

  2. Wow that top print. :D Cool! Reminds me of saved by the bell.


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