Thursday, July 18, 2013

bareMinerals READY Foundation and Mineral Touch Up Veil

I was a bareMinerals girl for a long long time. I bought countless tubs of their loose powder foundation but as all beauty bloggers do, we move on to other formulas and can't resist the lure of new products.
But I came back, and I have to say I love being a bareMinerals girl again, but this time the game is different.
BareMinerals READY foundation is not that new to the world of makeup, but it is something I haven't tried yet and finally caved to.
On the left is READY SPF 20 foundation in Fairly Light ($29) the same shade I wore in their loose foundation and is a perfect match and READY SPF 15 Touch Up Veil (Mineral Veil) in Tinted.  
According to the bareMinerals website, the new READY foundation is medium-full coverage, is supposed to increase moisture in your skin by 108% and last 12 hours. I find this is all pretty accurate, although my skin needs a primer for anything to last 12 hours. My skin always feels better after wear and the added SPF is a bonus.
The Touch Up Veil ($22) acts in the same way as their old Mineral Veil, and diffuses the look of imperfections and helps set your makeup and prevent/get rid of shine. The tinted version has just a hint of color, perfect for summer.
I am really happy that I tried the new READY formula, as it is super easy to use, can be carried with me without any mess, and looks flawless. The only thing I am really disliking about these products is the packaging. Although the black cases are sturdy, they are that rubbery texture (think NARS) that gathers residue like nothing else and is rather icky. I'm not loving it, but I can overlook it.
This is a bit scary to show all of you, but here is my nearly naked face. I am ONLY wearing READY foundation in Fairly Light and Touch Up Veil in Tinted. Nothing else! The coverage is great and I just buff it on with a kabuki brush. These products give my face a canvas I feel good about and I know won't break me out.
Unless you are sensitive to sunscreens in your makeup or absolutely despise powder foundations, I would give these a try, as the application is easier than you think, especially if you were once a bareMinerals loose powder girl like I was. I am totally into getting READY every morning now.
Panda Approved
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  1. Looks like it evens out your face nicely! Want - want - want. Would be good for a fast work-face I think...

    1. Thanks! You should try it, it is super fast, so it will save time for work/school rushes!

  2. How funny, I just bought the Tarte pressed powder over this stuff. I'm very happy with it, but the pressed bareMinerals was intriguing! Glad you found something you like. Their Fair is too pink (and a little dark for me, actually, which is ridiculous) but Fairly Light is too warm (so, still too dark and slightly more golden), but the lightest shade of Tarte was neutral toned. The texture seems to be similar but it is a sheerer product. My mother thought I'd bought costume makeup. No, no, I am really that pale. Even in July.

    1. The Tarte stuff looks amazing, so I'm glad you like it! Probably a much better pick for you, because I am at least a few shades darker than you. (But your skin is gorgeous :) ). I have golden undertones too, but it is nice that they have neutral toned powder!

  3. No way would my skin look this great with just powder...

    1. Your skin is gorgeous!! And I swear to you it is only the powder, no concealer, which is why I am so impressed!!


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