Sunday, October 21, 2012

Julep October Box!

Hey everyone! More polish, hope you don't mind :)

I am a member of Julep, the nail polish box monthly subscription. I have tried Birchbox and hated it, but I do find that getting three full sized polishes every month is well worth the $20 bucks I spend, considering these babies are $14 on

This month, I added another polish to my shipment for only $4. So I got 4 polishes for $24!! Crazy right?

These are the two 'crackle' polishes. The silver is called Glenda, and the white (my add on) is called Hermione. I had to get it for the name alone, obviously!
This pretty blackened crimson is called Caroline. I also received a sparkly black called Leslie (not pictured)
Here is Hermione over Leslie. Pretty! I love how opaque Hermione is!
Here are both Hermione and Glenda alternating as topcoats over Caroline. I love the Julep crackles. They are easy to use and not too thick.
Final Thoughts: Super happy with this months' box, I would recommend all of them! Julep polishes last well on me and I love the bottle shape as well!
xoxo PrettyPanda

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