Thursday, October 18, 2012

Depression Awareness Mani

Hello PrettyPanda readers!

Some of you may know, or may have seen on other blogs that it is Depression Awareness month and a lot of bloggers are doing manicures in the official color of Depression Awareness: Green!

I wanted to do one as well, and I kept mine simple. Depression is something that I deal with everyday. I have been diagnosed with moderate depression and anxiety and it is a hard struggle. Know that you aren't alone and never give up!

I just happened to have a new green in my stash! This is Butter London's British Racing Green!
This is a creamy dark green, with the tiniest shimmer of tonal green glitter. But I mean tiny!
I love that this looks sophisticated and is a simple twist on black nails. It is still a dark enough color to be chic, but I know when I look at my nails I will be reminded of my fight with depression and how strong I am!
One coat of this is pretty streaky, but two evened everything right out. The formula on these is nice, not too thin or thick and Butter's last around 5 days on me with a good topcoat.
This nail polish is absolutely Panda Approved!
Take out a green from your stash and do your own Depression Awareness Mani!! I'd love to see it!
xoxo PrettyPanda


  1. Fuck yeah depression awareness! LOL I feel like anyone who lives with me gets a daily dose of that no matter what month it is. I wonder if there's a Bipolar Awareness Month... anyhow, this is a smashing color. I may make you paint my nails with it. I can't remember the last time I had a manicure.

    1. Yes, Depression Awareness should be every month! And thanks, I LOVE this color...I will gladly do your nails anytime, I love doing people's nails. It calms me lol


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