Monday, September 1, 2014

Exuviance #PeelChallenge

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Sometimes brands send you things. And sometimes they aren't what they told you they would send. Brandbacker was going to send me the Exuviance Illumination Duo, but instead I received two samples of their Performance Peel with the Evening Restorative Complex, which is in the Illumination Duo.
Regardless, I was really excited to try the peels, but because I am leaving so soon on my big adventure and didn't want my face to accidentally react badly to a peel, I tried it on my hands first. Let me walk you through the process.
This peel is supposed to be extremely gentle and Exuviance is a brand that I trust, so I wasn't too worried, but I have always stuck by the rule of the patch test, which is what I did on my hand with one pack.

The first pack is the Activator Pad, which is a small circular pad drenched in the solution. You apply to clean dry skin and you can leave on up to ten minutes or until you see any irritation. I left mine on for five.

Then apply Step 2, the Neutralizer Pad, on top of the wet Activator Pad solution. This solution is more watery, and you should immediately rinse with water after rubbing this in. 

Here is the peel on my hand. My skin got a bit red but nothing hurt or stung.

I then applied the Evening Restorative Complex, which is supposed to soothe and improve skin texture and appearance. It is light and soaks into the skin quickly with a light almost aloe fragrance.

Here is my hand after rubbing in the Restorative Complex. Now I can't stop touching my hands! They are so so soft and hydrated and I had no negative reaction to this peel, so I am going to have a spa day and use it on my face for a nice glow. 

According to Exuviance, this peel can be used daily because it is that gentle and it retails for $52. It is definitely something I will look into when I see my skin starting to get more fine lines because I love the immediate results!

*Update* Have successfully used on face with fab results!!

And Exuviance is now carried at Ulta, or you can buy direct Here!

Have you taken the #PeelChallenge?

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