Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Direction Makeup: Take Me Home Collection

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Hey everyone! You have probably seen these kits floating around on different blogs, but I just received the One Direction Box Makeup Set in the variation Take Me Home, which is out now, and retails for $28.50 at Macy's and Dillard's.
Granted, I am not the target audience for this kit, but for the purposes of this review, I will keep on my beauty blogger hat and put on my One-Directioner fangirl hat (which is made up).
First of all, I was impressed with the packaging. The tin is metal and has a brick pattern on it. There is a plastic sleeve with a picture of all of the boys and their autographs. Upon opening the kit, everything is boxed neatly and there is a look card that can help with makeup application.
For the price, there is a fair amount of makeup. You get a Stencil kit with 5 different patterns, a nail polish, a lipstick, a lip gloss, an eye shadow palette, a mascara, and a eye pencil!

Last First Kiss: This is the lipstick. It is a creamy light sheer pink. It is less pigmented than I expected from the bullet and is housed in a square case embossed with the brick pattern. It has a light, sweet smell but only lasts about an hour.

Kiss You: This is my favorite product from the kit. It is a UV gloss which glows under black light (perfect for teen parties? What do those young ones do these days? Haha) but is a very pretty orange with yellow and blue sparkles. Cool!

I Wish: A chubby eye pencil. This is VERY creamy, which I like but also don't. It is a chocolate brown with no shimmer. Unfortunately, it is a bit too creamy and needs to be set with a powder for it to work on my oily lids.

This is the eye shadow palette, which includes 4 shadows and 1 cream shadow. 

Back For You: This is a matte cream color. It is a little chalky, but blends nicely on the eye.
Change My Mind: My favorite color in the set! It is a peach with shimmer that has nice pigmentation.
C'Mon C'Mon: Is a gray/dark taupe that is a nice blending shade
Little Things: Lacked pigmentation. A miss for me
Take Me Home: This is a cream glitter that is gold and a bit patchy, but younger makeup lovers will find this fun. I am a bit over the glitter thing now.

The Little Black Dress Mascara: (cute name!) has a slightly off-putting smell. I wasn't going to put it on my lashes, but decided to throw caution to the wind because I like this brush. No negative reaction or anything. Nice dark color and good separation but nothing spectacular. Will probably throw this out just because of the smell.

I do like the natural look it gave to my lashes though! 

The stencils are meant to be used with the cream shadow stick, but I find it too creamy to get nice lines. These are fun if you want to look like Ke$ha or whatever.

I love the way the eye shadows look and the lip gloss is in my rotation now.


From my perspective, the set was hit or miss. I think it is MUCH better quality makeup than I expected and the packaging was cute. There is a lot of fun stuff to play with.

From a parent buying this for my kid's perspective: This is a great set (particularly the Take Me Home coloring which is more neutral. There is a blue set that is more out there). The eye shadows are impossible to overdo, the lip products are easy to wear, and there are fun extras along with the packaging. Mostly good quality that I would feel fine with my child wearing.

From a One Directioner perspective: I would want this SO BAD. One of every color. The packaging is collectable, I like how everything has a fun name (which you don't even see in some high end brands) that fans can relate to the songs, and the stencils would be fun to mess around with. A great holiday gift for sure!

What do you think of the One Direction "Take Me Home" Kit?

Check it out here!!

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