Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: August 2015

Hey Pandas! 
I have something a little bit different for you today. I've been on a pretty low buy recently and have made an active effort to use up things I currently have. But along with testing and trying things comes the inevitable dud. So I've created this series to document that!
The Good the Bad and the Ugly August 2015 product review and empties
The Good (and also a little bad this time around)
It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin ($20): I really love this stuff! It is a leave in treatment and the addition of the keratin really helps my fine hair. It also serves as a protection from heat styling for me and just leaves my hair silky and looking fantastic with very little effort. The only downside is that I go through it very quickly (a month) because of the length of my hair. That's $240 a year. I've only bought two bottles but this will be my last for a while because I am looking for a cheaper alternative. I highly highly recommend anything from this line if you are looking for a conditioning/heat protecting spray though, it just doesn't fit into my budget right now.
Benefit Roller Lash ($24): One of the better hyped up mascaras I have tried in a long, long time. Slightly lifts my lashes, gives me the length I want, and doesn't flake. Awesome...except for the $24 price tag. It's 3 months are up so I'm throwing it out.
The Bad
Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser ($16): This is the sorry little empty container on the far left. This is my second repurchase but will be my last. It does a nice job cleaning brushes, but is way overpriced for what you get. I wash a lot of brushes and I wash them once a week or more and I go through this solid cleanser like water. It just doesn't last and gets really grimy and messy fast. 
The Ugly
Benefit Lash Glue ($8): Who even knows what possessed me to buy this lash glue. My thought process went: hey...Duo glue smells like fish, maybe a pricier glue will work better, and Benefit is prestige, and I can trust them, right? Wrong. 
This glue...honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was Elmer's clear glue. It never dries. It is a watery drippy mess that gets all over your falsies and your eyes and stings everything and ruins everything. I am finally saying goodbye to this useless glue!

I hope you enjoyed these quick reviews! If you have any cheaper or better alternatives to the above products I would love to hear them!

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