Sunday, August 16, 2015

Looks from the Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book

As promised, I've created some looks, two to be exact, using the Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book!
I reviewed the book HERE, and after playing with it for a few weeks, it is really fun and easy to create looks with! I managed to use all the shadows in blushes between both of the looks!
The first look used all of the warmer, red tones in the palette.
Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book Look
I used Serenity and Honor (a pink and an orange) blended together on my lid. Tranquil (a deep red) went into my crease and I used Typhoon (a light cream) on my inner corner and Porcelain (a white) on my brow bone. 
Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book Look
I finished the look with Dynasty Dahlia blush and Mushu's Flame red lipstick.
The second look incorporated the blues and purples of the palette and was really fun to create!
Disney Dare to Dream Mulan Beauty Book Look
For this look I placed Jade (a bright turquoise) on my inner corner, Blossom (purple) in the middle of the lid, blended into Fortune (a lighter blue-green). I tried to not blend them so much because I was going for a kind of sea-inspired look and I really wanted to colors to pop. I blended Destiny (a dark smoky, sparkly black) along my lower lash-line and under my inner corner. It is a bit more editorial than I would wear for everyday but it is a fun look for going out.
I finished the look with the Palace Puce blush and again with Mushu's Flame red lipstick.
(The mascara for both looks is Miss Manga and the liner is NYX matte liquid liner.)
I hope you enjoyed these looks! Maybe they can help you decide if this palette is right or you or inspire you! 
If you love Mulan, help me name these looks in the comments!

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