Monday, May 25, 2015

TokyoMilk Dark Everything & Nothing

Perfume/fragrance/scents...these aren't words that come up often here at PrettyPanda. In fact, I had briefly sworn off all fragrance. I have awful allergies, and I figured that fragrance would only hurt the issue. It took me a while to realize there are certain notes I do well with, that do not give me a headache, and do not irritate my allergies. Still, fragrance is something I can't wear everyday, but now that I know I can enjoy it, I am amassing a little collection I will be sharing with you.

Keep in mind, as with any product I review, what works for me may not work for you. You may sneeze with this perfume, whereas I don't, etc.

Everything & Nothing comes housed in a 1.6 oz spray bottle for $36 and it available at Sephora or online at

The bottle itself is sturdy: glossy black with a gunmetal cap and the image associated with the perfume printed on it in white (this one is a feather) with the number (10) and description in faded blue. This particular perfume is part of a line called TokyoMilk/Dark, also known as the Femme Fatale collection. All of the names (Arsenic, Bulletproof...etc) evoke a sexy, alternative vibe that I love.

TokyoMilk Dark Everything and Nothing Perfume Review

I really love that the design of the perfume is unassuming yet sleek, which can make it very unisex as well if a man in your life likes it!

Now, let's get to the notes of this and how it smells and dries down on me!

The main notes that are both printed on the bottle and Margot Elena (the creator) describes Everything & Nothing are Sweet Orange, Pressed Petals, Desert Moss, and Tea Leaves.

After the first spray, the clear top note is the Sweet Orange. It is fresh and vibrant and has quite a throw to it. A few minutes in and black tea leaves and a bit of muskiness are present. It really smells like sour orange gummy worms for a while! I like it, but not everyone will.

About an hour in and the scent loses a bit of it's throw, although I am always aware of it on me. The pressed petals seem to be the middle note and have the most presence here. They aren't cloying and 'old' smelling, but are definitely romantic and vintage.

TokyoMilk Dark Everything and Nothing Perfume Review

On me, the moss and tea leaves are the base, and the orange does linger throughout the wear, which was a good 6 hours. This is not a fragrance that will last all day (you will still smell it on your skin until you take a shower, but the throw disappears), but it is good for going out.

Overall, I feel very sexy but also strangely comforted by wearing Everything & Nothing. It shows how much of a duality there is to the fragrance, as the name implies. It is familiar, yet fresh. If you love citrus scents, give this one a smell!

Also, Happy Memorial Day! I know the night is waning, but take some time to think of our troops serving and who have served!

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