Saturday, March 21, 2015

NYX High Voltage Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

 So, remember how I was on that no-buy? Me either. But seriously, I've been trying to keep my makeup buying to a minimum lately, but if you want a little pick me up for the start of Spring, let me introduce you to the NYX High Voltage Lipsticks.
I tend to gravitate towards NYX when I want something reliable, for a good price, and easily accessible (found at Ulta/Target/drugstores/online). Not to mention they are cruelty free! These little tubes of lipstick will set you back $6 each (but watch out for BOGO 1/2 off lippies at Ulta). I believe these are NYX's answer to the Colourpop Lippie Stix (just my speculation) because they perform similarly and come in tons of colors (22!).

I picked up 3 of these recently and now that I have tried them out, I want more! 
There are no real claims that NYX makes for these, other than that they are creamy and vibrant (both true in my experience). They have a faint vanilla scent and last an average amount of time on me (around 3 hours).

 Stone is light brown color with a tinge of gray in it. It covers my medium-pigmented lips fairly well and is nice and creamy in consistency. I picked up this color because I have been seeing a lot of browns/grays in lip colors, particularly on Instagram, but I will in no way purchase from Lime Crime to get that trendy look (this reminds me of that Cashmere shade, I think it is called). It isn't the most flattering on my skin tone, but it layers well with pinks, and who knows when I may want to look a little ghoulish? Color aside, I love the consistency. These are creamy so they will not last all day (2.5-3 hours for all shades I have).

Playdate is a lavender and I love it! At this price point, especially if you can use a coupon or get a deal, why not pick up a fun color? This was much more pigmented than I was expecting and it is really fun!

Rags to Riches is the most 'normal' of the colors I picked out, but it is still a bit unexpected. See that gold sheen? I love that! This is a coral/pink with a light gold shimmer and I think it is perfect for the season.

Have you tried these? I want to pick up Wine and Dine, Dahlia, and Free Spirit next!

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