Tuesday, February 24, 2015

OCC After Dark Stained Gloss Test Tube x4 Set: Review and Swatches

Hey everyone! I am back and sorry for the other extended absence. I got a puppy, which is basically a full time job, on top of a nasty cold. But today I have something to show you that if you want, you should head on over to Sephora because it is on SALE for $10!!
The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) After Dark Stained Gloss Test Tube x4 Set is an awesome pick up ($10) for four mini tubes of stained gloss and a mini lip brush. 

Each tube is .08 fluid ounces (or 2.5 ml) compared to the full size .33 ounce. I don't profess to be good at math, but that is roughly a quarter of the product = $4.5 per mini tube. Times 4 = $18 (which is the full-size product price. 

If you were to pay full price for this little set ($20), I wouldn't recommend because you are paying more to get a variety of products and I only love 3 of them (value of $13.5 so at $10 you come out ahead).

Phew. I'm done with math. Let's move on!

Above from left to right: Hedonist (a pale pink), Jealous (a coral/red), Little Black Dress (sheer black wash), and New Wave (bright pink)

 These all have a minty smell and taste but it isn't strong and it doesn't make my lips tingle in any way. A tiny dot on a lip brush is enough to cover your mouth (as with the original lip tar) so there is a ton of product here. You at least have a chance to finish one of these tubes off in your lifetime.

New Wave was my absolute favorite out of this set. If you aren't interested in a set but are curious about the stained gloss formula, I would highly recommend this shade.

It made my lips look the best (full and glossy) and lasted for four hours during a work shift in which I talked to people on the phone the entire time. It does stain a very similar color when it wears off and felt comfortable on. When it does fade away my lips felt a but dry and sticky but a little balm over my lips was perfect because the color lingered from the stain. 

These will transfer because they are a gloss, but last longer than most glosses for me. I really loved how vibrant this color was, and yet still wearable.

Hedonist is a very bright pepto pink that I am currently loving to do mod 60's looks with. As you can see it will pull into lip lines a bit, but from a normal distance it isn't noticeable. The cool thing about Hedonist is that the stain it leaves behind looks like New Wave, a darker, vibrant pink. Weird, but I don't mind. The wear time was slightly shorter here, at 3 hours.

Yes, this is Little Black Dress on my lips. So it basically looks like my lips but glossy. You may be able to see the hint of darkness, but this was a miss for me. A black lipstick or lip tar would be better for darkening something. 

 Jealous is also a really fun color. It is a perfect combo of red and orange and the glossy finish really amps it up. It does leave a similar colored stain and wears about 3.5 hours.

 Out of curiosity I layered Little Black Dress (because it is supposed to be layered, although I hoped it might look cool on it's own). This is LBD layered over Jealous. It does darken it, but it got a bit streaky and I wasn't impressed. It might be fun to experiment with later though!

I really found this little set to be a fun deal and it introduced me to the OCC stained gloss formula which is really cool. The only downside is reapplication on the go is a pain!


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