Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Bichette: Review and Swatches

Hey everyone!! You may have peeped me playing around on my Instagrams this morning during my last day of testing ColourPop Lippie Stix in the color Bichette. I 
am now completely comfortable telling you my thoughts!
To be honest, Bichette was the Lippie Stix I was most excited about receiving, and the one that gave me the worst first impression. When I swatched the first time, the tip broke off and I lost a half inch of color. I had no issues with my other three, so I was sad about this. 
I spoke a little bit about what I liked about Lippie Stix in my last post, but a recap is the price ($5), the vanilla scent (very MAC-ish), and the fun range of colors.

All Lippie Stix have a slanted tip, but mine is flat because it broke :(.

Bichette is a matte red, slightly darker than your standard 'fire-engine red', so I think it would look best on very pale or rich, deep skin tones, but is very wearable for anyone. Colour Pop has a few red lippies to peruse, and you know I love my reds!

 Here is Bichette on my lips taken somewhere during the first hour of application. I would say it starts out as a satin matte for the first hour or so. I would also suggest a lip liner, as you can see some feathering on my upper lip. This is a very 'thick' lipstick, in that is does drag and pull during application. Please keep in mind, as I have said before, that I have drier lips and did not apply balm for testing purposes. Coverage is true to tube in one swipe.

*Also, note my uneven teeth bottoms (is that a thing?) I love them! My dentist wants to cosmetically fix them but I think they give me character!? What is a part of you that you love?*

 Bichette (who loves that name? I do!) wears better than a normal matte for me. While Lumiere got uncomfortably dry around the 4/5 hour mark, Bichette stayed reasonably comfortable. But this is in no way moisturizing, just not Sahara desert.
This is Bichette on my lips at hour 5.5. I have had water and some small nibbles but no food here (because of the thickness, I find it kinda gets everywhere during eating, unlike Lumiere, but this will still stay mostly behind, but will need reapplication after a meal). At hours 5/6 the finish is much more matte, but still decently comfortable for a matte on my lips.

So, the wear time then? Basically this will last on you as long as you have until your next meal, and then just touching up is needed. I loved that this never got on my teeth and I did a lot of talking during testing!

Bichette is my favorite Lippie Stix so far and dare I say may sneak into my favorite reds pile. I still have two more to show you and lots more goodies. Have a great day guys!

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