Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lancôme Grandiose Mascara Review

This review is long overdo, but that means that I have had over a month testing this mascara and finally have my thoughts in order.

 Lancôme Grandiose mascara has a hefty price tag at $32. Is it worth it? Let's find out.

What It Claims
  • Swan neck to get to all lashes and make them bigger and fanned out
  • Deep black color
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy removal
  • Lasts for four months in tube instead of the usual three

 First of all, the tube is gorgeous. It has been written about so many times by bloggers that I won't bore you, but it is a joy to use every morning and fits very comfortably in my hand.

To me, the wand is a bit shorter than most mascara wands because of the unique Swan Neck curve to it. But I do not think this is a gimmick. It takes a bit of a learning curve to use, but once you find your groove, you really can coat every lash and fan them out.

It has a really gorgeous, rich black color, holds curl fairly well for about 7 hours on me, and creates good length and volume. Is it the best my lashes have looked? No. But almost...

Why this is worth it to me
  • Stays all day and does not smudge (have worn in extreme heat and very rainy London 12 hour days)
  • Non-irritating and removes easily
  • My lashes look special and really good. Not too over the top, but more stand-out than average
  • I have not reached for another mascara to 'switch things up'

Therefore, $32 is worth it for me at this time. 32/4 = $8, which is what I normally spend on mascara per month anyway (having three-five drugstore mascaras that I switch between).

If you want to be loyal to one mascara, this is a good bang for your buck and I really do love it on my lashes. I think I will still look for my HG mascara, but for the next three months, this will be my one!

Have you tried it? Thoughts?

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