Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'm Back!

Hey friends, new and old, if you are reading this, a sincere thank you for sticking with me during and now after my extended leave from the blogging world. This post is a little update to get reacquainted. Yay!

What is going on in my life:

Well, I just got back from having the time of my life in London and completing my schooling. A lot is up in the air right now and it is definitely a scary time, so my blogging is going to reflect that.


First of all, I am starting a low-buy this week. I have placed a few orders for some goodies, but other than that, I am cutting down. Rules are 3 items used up = 1 new item. For essentials (foundation/mascara) I can replace those. 

I hope to get rid of some of my clutter, shop my stash, and save my money for life as a post-grad. I still love makeup and this blog, but things are going in a different direction.

What direction is that, Margo?

For starters, less reviews because less new products. Also, beyond a few sponsored reviews that I will be posting soon, I want to move away from that. Blogging to blog again. I've never been dishonest in any reviews, but now I can have more freedom and less pressure.

So you'll see more looks and generally just more fun stuff. Expect some nerd/fandom to creep in here too.

Since I have been away, my makeup tastes have changed. I used to be all over the map--gimme more more more! But you will see more focus on skincare and quality, not quantity.

But as far as reviews go, I will be reviewing what I have hauled recently (London/Xmas/hauls), so here is what you have to look forward to:
Glossybox review 
IT Cosmetics
Sleek Makeup
I am also going to get back to reading all of your blogs again, and I can't wait! See you all back here soon!

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